Five Tips To Organize A Comedy Show

Be it you’re a teenager worrying about all the student loans you spent on Sephora makeup or a twenty two year old with a desk job that pays enough to live on water, once in while we need to get a break, forget about agitating things that’s stressing us like we’ve got one day to live and our book of good deeds are empty. Life can get extremely hectic, with lots of unexpected circumstances hitting us like a truck. But sometimes you need to sit back and laugh at it. And what’s better is when you sit back and laugh at a comedy show, getting a dose of stress free therapy. If you’ve considered organising one at your school or office, to sprinkle some laughter in the life of others and would love hosting one, here’s a few tips to give you a head start.

Plan Ahead.

Hosting a comedy show isn’t easy, especially if you’re a messy person and love leaving everything to the last minute because well, what’s the fun if not? Sorry to break it to you but putting up an event and trying to get everything right is harder than typing up an assignment the night before even if you got three years to do it. If you’re hosting one out, then venue can be difficult to settle on if you haven’t booked them early. Plan everything early and set budgets for everything, from fencing contractors Alkimos to food and drinks.

Sell Tickets and Promote.

If you’re giving something for free, people perceive it to have less value. So sell tickets and set the right prices for them. It’s more likely people will turn up for a ten dollar even than a free event. And selling tickets will actually help you stay motivated and not give up. In addition to that, a vital tool to make it a success is to promote. You use your social media to post your dog’s birthday party so why not use it for something actually worth it? Try giving away free food, and the college crowd would fill up seats in no time. Send invitations and make them more personalised.

Consider a Co-host.

When you’ve got someone with you, you can always lower your burden. Consider having a co-host so you can do what you’re best at and let the other person do things you’re not so good at. There’s so much to do from organising and scheduling the plays, making calls, sending mails, hiring out videographers and crowd control barriers hire if necessary. Trust me with another person to share the work load, there’s a higher chance the show runs smoother with a little less of headache and stress to deal with.

Check Stage Area and Lighting.

Be careful when you choose your stage area, and try making sure the entire audience can catch a glimpse of the show. Maybe even consider throwing in a dark backdrop behind the comedians, perhaps a theatre like curtain. Don’t have light coloured ones as the stage lights will be directly pointed at them. And with the stage lights, many event organisers overlook them but you need to understand that to steal the audience attention, proper lighting should be positioned at the right places.

Have A Reliable Team.

The last thing you want is for you comedians or contractors is to back down at the last minute like your friends do every time a brunch is organised. It’s important you’ve got a reliable team and trustworthy members, so choose them carefully and make sure that have planned it well and will definitely turn up. Delegate work to each team player, like finding a venue, sending invitations and making promotions. That way they all a have a part they can be proud of. And lastly never, I repeat never forget to have fun while you’re at it!