What Actually Soil Is?

All has been heard about the soil as a mineral as a particle as a blessing of Almighty. Daily every single person stands on it crush it so many things are being made of the same and sometimes we just fade the dust away and soil out of the house just to make things look cleaner. It has vital nutrients for humans, animals and plants there are several articles written and presented in front of soil inspection committees and boards. But nobody has taken the soil as what it’s actually is you can have the service of soil testing Adelaide? We are living in our separate nations and we all love our country isn’t it? And what our country is actually? Yes it’s the soil which makes the nation.

There are so many negative comments we make sometimes, about our own mother land our soil? And when we do that we think and plan to curse this soil this land and spit on it, just because the country is not satisfactory and up to your level of standards, or just that you are not ok with it. But stop and think for a moment what makes a country? The soil? Or the environment? Or all of this is created by people? Definitely there are people in the country who are making things bad or better. Then why we are cursing the soil the land of the country? It’s our motherland and people like us are making bad or worst? Stop saying and cursing the land the soil and land is same in USA and same in India or Pakistan. But people are totally different, and that’s the actual difference, no soil or land is bad or good it’s we who make it that way.

Think this way. If the land is bad and country is bad why there are developed and underdeveloped? Why there are scarce resources and there are plenty of resources in different countries? Try to examine people of the place and not the place itself. We litter on the soil we make it worst and unproductive. Soil itself is so much capable. There are some rules in the society and is made in order to protect that soil which has the tendency to produce uncountable minerals and blessings. Think this way, the sand near the sea is white in Malaysia and almost black in Pakistan and India? Sand is the same the color of soil is the same but the people in Malaysia are different whereas the people in other countries are not doing good for the soil. Try to curse people to make them good and better not the soil it’s already better than the best, it has created by Almighty lord how can it be bad? It is amazing let’s make our soil more and more amazing by making ourselves amazing. Think about it.